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Pink N' Proper, pastinya pilihan hati saya. Cakap je nak pergi HOLIDAY, confirm2 cari butik Pink N' Proper. Tempatnya manarik, berjenis-jenis pakaian baju renang. Bukan sahaja menjual bikini, malah ada juga baju renang muslimah. Selain itu, pekerja di butik pun sangat peramah dan mesra. Sukaaaaaaaaa sangat2 =)

Raja Wahith Lyana (Google Review)

The process of shipping for and finding a new bathing suit, for some reason, always feels like a momentous task. However, Pink N' Proper team always assist the best choice that suits our personality and body frame. Their designs are beautiful and fashionable all the time. They make me comfortable and beautiful, always! ♥♥♥

Michele Lim (Google Review)

Had a great time at Pink N' Proper boutique and it was worth the trip to Bukit Jalil. I was assisted by Vivien, who was very friendly and helpful in picking out pieces that flatter my body shape. They have a great Selection of quality swimwear so make sure you give yourself ample time there!

Kristy Chai (Google Review)

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