Want to make sure your swimwear look as fab as you? Make sure you read the swimwear care tips we have prepared for you below!

First of all, the rule of thumb to ensure correct treatment for your shiny new swimwear before you wash, is to refer to individual care labels on each product.



As seen in our care label above, every logo represent their own meaning and use. Make sure you check the instructions before you wash your swimwear. So if you’re wondering what those logos mean anyway, refer to the chart below!



We love going the extra mile for our #PNPxGirls, so here are some extra tips to prolong the lifespan of your swimwear!

  • DO Wash your new swimwear in cold water before wearing it for the first time. The cold water will set the colours in your swimwear and keep it looking new. Chlorine and the sun will work to fade the colours so this one simple step can protect your swimwear from fading all season.
  • DO hand wash your swimwear instead of using the washing machine. Turn your swimwear inside out and place it in cool water with a gentle hand soap for 30 minutes to let the soap work to break down body oils and other chemicals.  Rinse out the swimwear with warm water and roll your swimwear up inside with two clean, dry towels to remove the water. Then place it to dry.
  • DO use a drying rack to dry your swimwear. Don’t place your suit on wood or metal as those materials can catch the fabric or leave a rust mark. Invest in a drying rack that you can put in your bathtub or outside on a deck.
    • DON’T let your swimwear sit in the soaking solution for longer than 30 minutes. The chemicals will go into the soaking water during the 30 minutes, but after that you are just letting the swimwear sit in the chemicals you are trying to remove from it. To avoid this chemical cocktail, rinse it out after 30 minutes.
    • DON’T dry your swimwear in the sun. The sun is very powerful and will fade the colours and dry out the elastic fabric in your swimwear. Instead, find a shady spot for a drying rack so you can lay your swimwear flat. Turn the swimwear over after the top feels dry to let the air get to the underneath.
    • DON’T hang your swimwear over a rod or deck railing to dry. The pool water at the base of the fabric will pull and stretch the fabric so that it will become distorted. Always let your swimwear dry on a flat surface.

    • DON’T use your normal clothing washing detergent to wash your swimwear as it will cause discolouration. Only use sensitive fabric detergent or swimwear specific detergent to wash your swimwear

    • IF a white swimsuit turns yellow, try soaking it in a solution of a half cup of Baking Soda dissolved in two gallons of cold water. The baking soda should break down and dissipate the stain. After soaking for a couple of hours, rinse out the bathing suit with cold water and place it on a towel to air dry.