Meet Plummp : Get that Happy Glow with Pink N' Proper!

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Discover Miss Alvy's brainchild, Plummp, a youthful creation that burst into existence in March 2022. With a mission to defy aging, Plummp concocts products that play supporting roles in your daily routine, upgrading your skin's health and adding a touch of youthful exuberance!

Guess My Age! Colour Correcting Sunscreen 30ml 

Keep other’s guessing with Guess My Age! Colour Correcting Sunscreen in your daily UV protection for that healthy rosy glow! 
Perfect Complement under your Pink N' Proper Swimwear!

Guess My Age! Colour Correcting Sunscreen 30ml is the perfect daily multi-shield for your complexion, protecting sensitive skin from harsh UV rays and particles. It brightens, evens out, and protects your skin, all while helping to prevent visible signs of aging. Protect your skin and discover Guess My Age!

Direction of use:

  • Apply the Colour Correcting Sunscreen evenly on the face and neck as the last step of the skincare routine during the day.
  • Let it absorb and apply a thin layer for a brighter, added tone-up effect. 

For makeup, we suggest to have it mixed into your foundation for a better blend on the appearance.


Happy Glow Super Hyaluronic Creme 30ml

Enjoy the moisture boost of Happy Glow Super Hyaluronic Creme moisturiser. 

Immerse your skin with Happy Glow Super Hyaluronic Creme!

Its charge-carrying ingredients shoo away dry spells from within by alluring skin cells and burrowing moisture into your deeper skin layer. Diminishing fine lines, tighten the skin and leave skin with a youthful radiance from the inner to the outer layer. Get that glow, baby boo! 

  • Provide instant hydration
  • Helps skin preserve its optimum moisture balance
  • Improves skin moisture and water-retaining ability for long-lasting hydration
  • Anti-inflammatory properties and prevents hyperpigmentation and dark spots

Suitable for all skin types and Paraben-Free

Direction of use:

  • Use it twice a day. 
  • Apply Happy Glow Super Hyaluronic Creme onto cleansed face.
  • Using the top cap of the Happy Glow bottle, massage your skin in a circular motion.

With Plummp, you can have it all - happy skin that's glowing and radiating youthfulness! All products are lovingly crafted in Belgium, are 100% vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.

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