Meet SI Always: The Ingenium Bag, Sustainability made simple and impactful with Pink N' Proper

Meet SI Always: The Ingenium Bag, Sustainability made simple and impactful with Pink N' Proper - Pink N' Proper

Introducing Si Always – where style meets sustainability! Immerse yourself in the world of Ingenium, our multi-functional bag crafted from the wonders of silicone. Join us on a journey to redefine conscious living, one stylish bag at a time. Let's save the world in style!

Colors to Suit Your Style
Available in Coral Pink, Ocean Blue, and Fern Green, our bags are a vibrant expression of your personality.

The Ingenium Bag in Coral Pink

The Ingenium Bag in Ocean Blue

The Ingenium Bag in Fern Green

Made of premium materials sourced from Germany, The Ingenium Bag in Fern Green features a plastic polycarbonate sliding top part mechanism and a platinum silicone body and strap. Non-toxic and 100% food contact compliant, the materials are eco-friendly and able to be recycled. With a capacity of 850ml, it is easy to clean with detergent or body soap, waterproof and can handle wet wipes with alcohol or hand sanitizer, even removing nail polish with acetone. Extremely durable, it can handle heat and is suitable for all age groups, even young children.

*Image of cleaning

The Ingenium Bag can be washed using the same detergent for dishes/any other body soap equivalent. It is waterproof, can remove stains easily using wet wipes with Alcohol/hand sanitizer, can even remove nail polish stains using Acetone.

Sustainability made simple and impactful

A  message from the SI Always Founder:

“I hope that this would be everyone’s first
multi-functional bag that you can ever own.
And together, we can save the world, starting from you and me.”

XO, Krystal

Pink N' Proper Summer Girl Box X SI Always Ingenium Bag

Pink N' Proper’s collaboration with SI Always is the perfect match – just like two peas in a pod ;) Visit Pink N' Proper Swimwear Boutique for an touch and feel  experience.

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