#PNPTAKESYOUTO: 8 Perfect Reasons to Travel to Maldives

#PNPTAKESYOUTO: 8 Perfect Reasons to Travel to Maldives - Pink N' Proper

In this edit, Pink N' Proper would like to take you to travel to the heart of Maldives.

Maldives is located in the heart of the Indian ocean with remarkable crystal clear sea and rich with coral reefs - all ready for you waiting to be discovered! 

Getting to Maldives is no longer hard to achieve in your travel bucket list nowadays, as flights to Maldives are made pretty much affordable! We mean, now everyone can fly, right? 


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Our Pink N’ Proper bikinis, swimwear, beachwear and novelty pool floats has made countless appearance in this heaven on earth thanks to our #pnpxgirls, and so we thought we NEED to share with you!

Enough said, wait no more! Are you ready for the 8 perfect reasons why you need to visit the most instagrammable place in the world?

Ready, Jet set, GO! 

  • Reason #1: Maldives is a dream home for your floats and swimwear!

  • Just look at those crystal clear blue waters that scream: "Instagram goals!". Like, for real. Your beach wardrobe is made to fit this backdrop! The Maldivian sea will thank you for keeping their beaches beautiful!

  • Unleash your inner mermaid just like our #pnpxgirls in their new Pink N’ Proper bikinis, swimwear, beachwear and novelty pool floats, your perfect travel companion!

    beldia and weenamarcus

  • [Photo sources: @beldia and @weenamarcus.]

  • Well, we can’t forget snacks at the ocean now, could we? Trust us when we say even your snacks is dying to call Maldives their home too! Or if you're into swanky cocktails, that will do to!

  • Keep them afloat while you are at sea with Pink N' Propers' mini drink holder floats just like @iman_azman! These trusty travel companion will even keep your phones/gadgets afloat, but beware as they will sometimes wander away from you so keep an eye on it!

  • iman maldives

  • Reason #2: Stunning beaches and villas

    Sometimes we just need to sway away from the hustle and bustle of city life and just indulge ourselves under the sun, and savour the gorgeous panoramic views. To top this off, Maldives has remarkable villas where it directly leads you out to the sea!

  • Ahh #pinknproper #travelgoals.


  • [Photos source from top to bottom, left to right: pinterest, @sherylnsy and @azzyatielias]


    Reason #3: You can swim with the Dolphins!

  • You heard it right! Swimming with the dolphins is a lifetime travel experience when in Maldives!
  • dolphin watching[Photo source: hippie-inheels.com and theplanetD]

  • Reason #4: An awesome snorkelling destination

  • Well, you don’t need any diving experience to experience the deep blue sea! Go on a snorkelling adventure when you travel to Maldives and you can see sea creatures like you’ve seen on the tele such as colourful fishes, eels, seahorses, crabs and lobsters! 
  • snorkeling

  • [Photo Source: Pinterest]
  • Reason #5: Experience the glowing blue sea waters at night!

  • You probably seen this on articles and social media shares, and wondering where on earth you can find this. So, yes! This is real! The glowing blue waters is a result of a chemical reaction called bioluminescence, occurs when the microscopic planktons in sea water are disturbed by the currents or waves. Experience this magical glowing blue sea at night in Baa Atoll, Maldives! Mother nature in all her glory, that is!

    baa atoll

      [Photo source: Wei Hung He via Flickr]

  • Reason #6: Take a ride on a seaplane! 

  • Well, let’s be honest. We don’t get to ride on a sea plane that often right? Sea plane is the only way of transport to travel around Maldives island. Take this opportunity to look at the stunning views from up above!

  • seaplane

    [Photo source: Pinterest] 

  • Reason #7: Experience Paddle Boarding!

    If surfing is not your cup of tea but you still want to go on a surfboard, well this is your kind of activity then! 
    [Photo source: mappingmegan.com] 


    Reason #8: You need to wind down and relax

    Well, duh! Don’t forget to relax, breathe and just enjoy the stunning sea and beach! 

  • wind down relax

  • [Photo source: @omaldives]


  • Don’t you feel like packing your bags, bikinis, swimwears and your beachwears and get ready to travel already?

  • Tag us @pinknproper, #pinknproper and #pnptakesyouto on your beach vacation with Pink N' Proper bikinis, swimwears, beachwears and novelty pool floats! We might feature you on our next #pnptakesyouto edit!

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  • Till next post!


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