#PNPxGirlsTalk: Top 7 Christmas Gift Guide

#PNPxGirlsTalk: Top 7 Christmas Gift Guide - Pink N' Proper

Top 7 Christmas Gift Guide

It’s less than a few weeks until Christmas, which begs the question: where has this year gone? And since we all thought we had more time, let’s talk about gift ideas. Are you trying to become the best secret Santa? Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones or just a fancy festive treat all for yourself? Look no further! We have come to your rescue. 

We’ve put together a list of stylish and trendy items of what we thought is perfect and easy for you because they are all on our website right now!

1) Swimwear

  • Get a swimsuit for summer that is so hot, summer weather are put to shame! 


    🔎Philomena Tropical Plunge Ruffle Swimsuit RM 139


  • @Iizzelc

  • 🔎Savanna Tropical banana triangle High waist bikini set RM119


    These playful prints and trendy embroidery swimsuits are designed to bring out the best in your body for any type of shapes or sizes from petite, curvy and everything in between. These staples leave you one step closer to poolside perfection!  

    Not a fan of prints? It’s okay as we’ve listed a few minimalist swimsuits that are simple, sleek and are never out of trend! These basic swimwear comes in a variety of colours to choose from!

  • 2) Dresses

     For ladies who want to pull off the perfect next door girl look, the summer dress is the right outfit to wear!



  • 🔎Emma floral off shoulder summer slit RM 129


  •                                                        @shuutravels
  • 🔎Olivia Bareback Feather summer dress RM 129


  • Stay breezy by the beach during warm weekends and beach holidays, our fantastic range of beach dresses are a great addition to your wardrobe! Also, these dresses are easy to transition from day to night!


  • 3) Beach Cover Up

  • Shy to show off your beautiful body? It’s alright because what are beach cover-ups for? Whatever it is that is bothering you with your insecurities you can be concealed under a layer of pretty cover-ups! 


    🔎Opulence Evangeline Floral Embroidered Long cardigan RM 129


    🔎Ava Chiffon Pom Pom Kraftan in white RM 129 

    So, who doesn't love a beach cover-up? They provide another opportunity to enhance your look by adding eye-catching prints and colours! This helps achieve that coordinated look! 


    4) Pearl Earrings

    Going from the beach to a surf bar? Give a touch of pearls to your summer look!

    🔎Gold Pearl Earring herisse earrings - RM 48


    🔎Gold aqua earrings- RM 48

    🔎Gold pearl Seiries earrings - RM 48 


    Pearl earrings carry a timeless versatility where you can basically go anywhere and everywhere as it can turn from elegant frocks to surfer-chic styles for a casual summer look. 


    5) Net Bags

    Blanca, the It bag for your beach style, the latest must-own style, much more budget-friendly. Throw this over your shoulder for an easy travel style. It’s perfect for the beach - no residual sand stuck at the bottom- but is chic enough to carry around daily. And while you may feel more protective over an expensive bag, it’s guaranteed this style can handle whatever your daily activities may be.


    🔎Blanca Net Bag, RM39


    6) Beach Hats

    Check out our favourite straw hats because what is summer without a good, straw, sun hat for beach days and pool hangs.

    Check out some of our picks:


    🔎Customisable Straw Hat, from RM80

    The Straw Hat is sure a statement, wide brim sun hat made from (material). The domed crown is trimmed with genuine (material) detail. With a (measurement) brim, this hat is perfect for staying out of the sun for a day on the beach and pool lounge. It comes with an adjustable inner band to ensure the perfect fit. Go pack them in your net bag and blow up the pool floats, summer just got a whole lot cuter!

    7) Floats

    Nothing screams tropical like a flamingo. Did you know that these birds like to steal each other’s nests because they’re too lazy to make their own? It now makes sense, to be called the ultimate lounge birds.


    @thixxchloe @rajawahithlyana

    🔎The Inflatable Flamingo, RM199

    Come on, Wing it! Unleash your private island fantasy with these palm island drink holders. Along with the upgraded classic bath time mascot has to the pool and it's here to offer comfort for your beverages.




    🔎Drink Holder, RM59

    This float can be inflated in minutes and is good for all-day fun-in-the-sun. Mommies and daddies can rest assured that it will help keep their baby safe while their baby is enjoying their pool time.


    🔎Kids float, RM99


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