5 Free activities to do in Summer

5 Free activities to do in Summer - Pink N' Proper

5 Free activities to do in Summer

The only season that everyone is most excited about - SUMMER. There are tons of endless activities to do this summer. However, not all things come at a cost. Since Summer is coming, we have come out with some recommendations that you will enjoy even when you’re tight on a budget. Hence, here are 5 FREE activities to do in summer!


#1 Take a road trip to an unknown beach

Take a spontaneous trip to a beach with your best friends that no one knows about and see what beautiful places you can stumble upon your way. 


#2 Have a sunset picnic by the beach


What are two of life’s greatest joys? Sunsets & picnics. Well said. While enjoying the sunset, build a small comfy fort with some food and wine while chit-chatting away with your friends.


#3 Join a beach yoga class


Summer is all about relaxing, renewing and rejuvenating, and yoga is an ideal way of doing just that! Take a weekend yoga class with your friends while you will enjoy the sound of the waves. You will feel refreshed and relaxed during the whole session.

#4 Go waterfall hunting

It’s time to seek out some waterfalls! Pack your bikinis and camera and take a hike to nature’s shower. There are tons of waterfalls you could find, but do some research before you head to your desired destination.

#5 Go star gazing by the beach

Get away from the bright lights of the city and see the night sky in its full glory! Make sure you check the weather for a perfectly clear night. You’ll be amazed with what you have missed all this while whilst living in the city of lights.




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