Finding the Best Swimwear for your Body Type



Shopping for the perfect swimwear to compliment your body could be a headache, and for some a serious heartache. Believe it when we say - we get it, girls. To make your shopping experience here in our swimwear store a breeze, we have curated this swimwear guide - a guide on how to flatter your body with Pink N' Proper bikinis, monokinis, beachwear, swimwear and more!


Flat or Small Bust 

Let's be real, this is a taboo subject among many girls. So, how do you overcome this? Here's how you can embrace and flatter your body:

Here's the obvious solution - go for paddings and push-up bikini tops or swimwear to give them an extra boost! So to all these girls out there with this issue, you're in luck because most of our swimwear come with a small pocket to insert extra padding. The plus side to this? Pink N’ Proper carries a range of Ultimate paddings and enhancers for our girls!

Alternatively, you can opt for a swimwear that creates an illusion to the chest, such as a bikini top with frills, drapes or ruffles at the bust area. Or if you require less support for your bust, this is also the perfect chance for you to try on trendy bandeau-type bikini tops. 


Busty Babes

First off, if this is you - congratulations! You've got THE genes, girl, and we know other girls who would literally trade their souls to own what you have, but we also understand the struggles of finding the perfect swimwear for full coverage. To our well-endowed girls, here's how to further enhance and support your figure:

To support and balance your fuller bust, opt for swimwear with full-cups and underwired cups. You can also go for adjustable and thicker straps for maximum comfort to support your bust. Halter bikini or swimwear are a good choice for larger bust girls as this could perfectly support a big bust. For those who wish to minimise the focus on their chests, you should avoid ruffles or embellishment designs.



Tummy Pouch

With our busy schedules, we are almost very sure that all girls go through this stage at one point of their lives. Tummy pouches are not the easiest thing to get rid of, and trust us, we know! So if you are in the process of ditching those tummy pouch but your beach trip is next week, and you need a solution A.S.A.P., then this one's for you:

Create an illusion of a flatter stomach when you go for a one-piece swimwear or a monokini with a waist cut-out or one-piece with a plunging neckline, or both at the same time! Waist cut-outs give an illusion of a smaller waist-line. Ruching details also always help as it helps hide the tummy. Good news for our girls, we have a few options of shaping swimsuits right here at Pink N’ Proper!

Opt for dark-coloured or printed monokinis as this will divert the focus away from your tummy area! However, you should avoid any horizontal stripes prints at all cost!  



Apple-shaped & Wide Torso

Let’s be honest, not all of us are VS angels, and we all struggle with this. Apple-shaped girls are top-heavy with wider shoulders and midsection but having a narrower bottom. This body shape might seem harder to style, but don’t worry we got you! 

The tip here is to show off your fuller bust while accentuating your thinner legs. Opt for a V neck or plunging neckline and thinner straps on the top, and high-leg or high-waisted bottoms - believe us this works wonders. This will help hide your fuller midsection. And to top this off like a cherry topping to your cupcakes, Pink N' Proper carries a wide range of high-waisted bikinis and plunging swimwear as well! Oh mamma mia! 



 Pear-shaped & Wide Hips

Seriously, what is up with naming our body shapes as fruits? Like the fruit, pear-shaped ladies are blessed with a fuller bottoms but not-so-blessed with their bust. Girls with this body shape would usually have the struggles of minimizing their bigger bottoms and enhancing their smaller bust. So what you need is to just balance it out by bringing the attention up top. 

This body shape is actually quite easy to style and we have just a few helpful tips for you! Like our smaller-bust girls, opt for ruffles or push-up paddings to bring out those mamas. Another tip is to mix & match your swimwear with a bright-coloured or patterned top while opting for solid colours on the bottom -preferably darker colours. This set would help bring the focus on the top and not bring too much attention to your hips. 




Long Torso

Okay, so not all of us are into photoshop or any beauty cams. But, we still longed for those long legs as seen on Kylie and Kendall Jenner. You have an exceptionally long torso and your legs are about the same length or shorter. Your remedy?You need to create an elongated legs illusion by making your torso shorter, and high-waisted bikinis should do the trick! 



Short Torso

To elongate your short torso, opt for bikinis or swimwear with low-rise bottoms and halter tops to draw focus to your neck and shoulder, and not your short mid-section. For more coverage, go for a halter one-piece swimsuit with waist cut-out. This will create an illusion of an elongated torso and smaller waist. For a sexier take, go for those with strapless tops.



Straight Body

 For ladies who have a boxy body shape, meaning their silhouette goes straight down, do not fret.  We have a few tips and tricks here to make you look like you have an hourglass figure! The best trick to make an illusion for some curves on your body is to simply add a belt

A belt? Underwater? Yes! 

A belted look will easily accentuate your waist and distinguish your top from your bottom. It can also make for a fashion statement by the pool. Other than carrying belted swimwear here at Pink N’ Proper, we also sell our Batik belt by itself where you can add on to any swimwear that you own or even as an accessory to your beach bag, hat or as a headband! 

Another tip is to opt for a swim skirt. The extra flair will add more volume to your bottom, while you can opt for added paddings for your top for better body proportion. 



Other tips to enhance your beach body look:

Get the right fit

If the swimwear is too small then get a bigger size! If you're a usual size M but had to wear an L for swimwears with certain cuttings, don't fret! After all, people look at you instead of your sizing labels! With that said, a perfect fit is better than an ill-fitted one! Here at Pink N' Proper, all our swimwear measurements are on our products' description page, and they are pretty accurate!

If you're still in doubt, click the chat button on the right of our website or WhatsApp us, and get your answers instantly, or come by our Boutique in Kuala Lumpur to try!


Complement your Swimwear with Beachwear

Beach wears are a good solution to camouflage certain areas on your body, and to top it off, they keep you stylish at the same time! Don't forget girls, the best accessories a girl could wear is to show some girl power confidence and your sunny smile!


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