Signs Showing It's Time to Replace your Swimwear

Just like any clothing items you own, there will come a time for you to update and spring clean your closet. And that’s no different for your bikinis and swimsuits! Have a confusing time trying to figure out if you should keep or change your swimwear? Here are some signs that it’s about time to replace them: 

1. When you feel uncomfortable in your swimwear

Pink N' Proper Basic Triangle Criss Cross Bikini Set in Green 
Pink N' Proper Itzel Aztec Bikini Set
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You should be having fun in the water; not let the uncomfortableness of your swimwear ruin your mood. Whether it is the physical discomfort from the swimwear or being mentally uncomfortable with the swimwear, you should always be feeling your best in the perfect swimwear. If the swimwear you bought no longer makes you feel confident in your body, it is time to buy one that will make you look and feel good. 

2. When the colour of the swimwear is fading

Pink N' Proper Akila Tropical Halter Monokini
Pink N' Proper Harley Animal Print Monokini in Peach Pink
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Did you start to notice the colour of your swimwear isn't exactly the same as when you first bought it? Maybe the black has faded into more of a gray, or maybe the bright yellow isn’t as bright anymore. It is common for any old clothings to lose the vibrance of its color after multiple wear and wash. This is a sign that it’s time to buy a new swimwear with a colour that complements your skin tone. 

3. When the swimwear is getting loose and stretched out

Pink N' Proper Serilda High Waist Bikini Set



Just like colour fading, clothes and swimwears can start getting loose after a long time. You do not want your top to ride up when you are playing in the water, or that your bottoms doesn’t hug your hips like it should anymore. When you notice the elastic of your swimwear does not fit you as snugly as it used to before, that’s a sign that you should be getting a new one. 

4. When the swimwear is irritating your skin

Pink N' Proper Signature Batik Senja Belted Monokini in Mekar Nude


Pink N' Proper Signature Batik Embun Tie-front Bikini Set
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Sometimes the material of the swimwear you buy might just not be suitable for your skin and cause some effect or sensitivity. Perhaps you are allergic to a certain type of fabric or material on the swimwear. If you start getting a rash every time you put it on, you should be throwing that swimwear away and invest in a better quality swimwear. 

5. When the cup size of your bikini is too big or too small

Pink N' Proper Daiquiri Push Up Bikini Set
Pink N' Proper Basic Push Up Bikini in White
Photo cred: @vanessalky_

The human body changes from time to time, and that includes your bust. If you start to notice that there is a gap between the cup of your bikini and your bust, or when the cup size is not fully supporting your bust, that is a sign you should replace the old with a new.  If your bust needs extra support, find swimwears with underwire; if you bust needs extra boost, find swimwears with push up effects. The perfect swimwear should be supporting your breast as well as enhancing them.

6. When you feel like trying a new style

Pink N' Proper Octavia Long Bell Sleeve Swimsuit in Green
Pink N' Proper Helen Toga Bandeau Swimsuit in Black
Photo cred: @vivi153


Your style might have changed over the past years or even the past few months. There are new fashion trends every season and there are just so many styles of swimwear that you can choose from. If you’ve had the same swimsuit for a while and are getting bored of it, indulge yourself by buying new swimwear that you know you would love.


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