#PNPxGIRLSTALK: A Dive into A Batik Story

#PNPxGIRLSTALK: A Dive into A Batik Story - Pink N' Proper
Golden sun, rainforest trees swaying and lush-green forest leaves rustling in the eternal summer wind. Known for our mixed ethnicity and also boasting with beautiful islands, turquoise seas and white sandy beaches in the South-East Asia region, Malaysia is everything but a dream.

Pink N' Proper's First SIGNATURE Collection

It has been a great milestone with all of our beloved #PNPxGirls! After months of planning, it has finally come to live! We know we’ve been giving you girls little hints on our Instagram, but now you can finally see the full lookbook and we couldn’t be more excited! Being the first collection under Pink N’ Proper’s new range of swimwear, The SIGNATURE Collection, A Batik Story is a cultured expression that inspires to evoke feelings of our native rich cultures and immensely dense natural beauty. Inspired by traditional batik prints, the hand drawn motifs from A Batik Story are derivatives of the exotic and old worlds applied with a modern day twist.

Made with loose knots alike traditional batik wraps with our SIGNATURE pink lining, our batik range is designed fully in-house with the finest materials to feel sumptuous on the body and ultimately to complement the beauty of Asian physiques. To simply put, it is designed to bridge chic, tropical, urban, and resort vacation style seamlessly.
A Batik Story, designed by Malaysians for Malaysia.
*For more about shopping the collection, be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom!*

We wanted to create the Batik to a new edge. Bringing our heritage from the shores of Malaysia to the world. Whether it be getting some tan under the sun, taking a quick swim in the pool, chilling by the pool, or even taking instagrammable photos and looking amazing no matter where they are. We want women to feel their best selves, no matter their age in this collection!

Without any further adieu, here’s the full  SIGNATURE Collection! We hope you love it as much as we do!

"A Batik Story"

Pink N' Proper SIGNATURE BATIK Embun Bikini. Embun means the morning dew, short but refreshing when the days starts anew. For Embun, less is more, as the top straps are detachable, and adjustable to fit. W ear your bikini in high waist, as high-waisted bikini can conceal big surface, thus giving you the illusion of a small waist and elongated legs!
Pink N’ Proper’s SIGNATURE BATIK Rimba Bikini. The name Rimba, is inspired by the natural beauty of lush green rainforest in Malaysia. Pink N' Proper's Rimba Bikini is designed to enhance the women’s natural beauty and silhouette. Our Rimba bikini makes every woman look and feel like heaven on Earth. 


Pink N’ Proper’s SIGNATURE BATIK Bayu Monokini. Bayu represents the soft breeze we experience form the shores of Malaysia. Inspired by the flow of the breeze, Pink N' Proper's Bayu is equipped with knots designed to be done in many ways. Pink N' Proper's Bayu Monokini gives you an illusion of smaller body and can boost your bust.

Pink N’ Proper’s SIGNATURE BATIK Senja Monokini is inspired by the beautiful sunsets we have in Malaysia, the eternal summer we have all year long. We incorporated these elements in our designs in the outline and silhouettes of the swimwear, equipped with luxurious cuts that shows off your assets. The sun fell asleep, resting in the arms of mother earth. Just like how our swimwear is designed to rest perfectly on your body, unleashing your natural beauty.
Senja monokini comes with Bulan belt, signifying the start of a starry night when the golden sun turns down for the day.
For an illusion of a small waist and elongated legs, both Senja Monokini and Bayu Monokini are always the perfect pick! Senja and Bayu represents the soft breeze blowing in sunset light.
Pink N' Proper's SIGNATURE BATIK Bulan belt can also be worn as your hair accessory and it comes in both Nila and Mekar Prints!


Our Nila prints gives contrasts to all skin tones and compliments it. Pink N' Proper SIGNATURE BATIK prints are carefully handrawn by our designer.
Our Mekar Prints symbolises feminity, enhancing every female's natural beauty
Take a signature piece of our "home" Malaysia out to your next vacay destination.
Let us know, which are your favourite pieces?
Be part of Pink N' Proper's #abatikstory! We would love to have you being part of our #abatikstory
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