#PNPTAKESYOUTO: 8 Amazing Travel Places to Visit when in Vietnam!

#PNPTAKESYOUTO: 8 Amazing Travel Places to Visit when in Vietnam! - Pink N' Proper
You’ll be hard pressed to find another spot in the world where adventures that are as accessible, affordable, and amazing as it is in Vietnam. We have listed down 8 amazing experience in Vietnam to add in your bucket list!


  • Travel Place #1 - Sail along Cat Ba, Halong Bay

  • Photo Credit: Crossing Travel

    Cat Ba (Cát Bà) is considered as the largest island in Halong Bay. Discover the flow with the beauty of Cat Ba surrounded with limestones hills, hidden waterfalls, grottes and lakes!


    Travel Place #2 - Kayaking between limestone outcrops, Halong Bay

    Photo Credit: The Travel Junkie Org
    Be more adventurous by going kayaking whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape. Halong Bay is perfect for this activity for it’s thousands of isles, islands, clean blue water and calm tides.


    Travel Place #3 - Swim in Jade-Green waters of Halong Bay

    Photo Credit: Crossing Travel

    Go for a swim and dip in the cool jade-green water of Halong bay’s beautiful beaches and enjoy the charming beauty of Halong Bay’s top beach: Bai Chay (Bãi Cháy) Beach, Tuan Chau (Tuần Châu), Beach, Ngoc Vung (Ngọc Vừng) Beach and Quan Lan (Quan Lạn) Beach.

    Travel Place #4: Visit Phu Quoc amazing beaches!

    Phu Quoc Island has some of the gorgeous beaches with fine white sand along with coconut trees as it seems like it came right out of the postcard. The trip to Phu Quoc is not complete without lazing at the golden sands at the beach.

    Long Beach, Phu Quoc (Truong Beach):Enjoy a relaxing day swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, enjoying fresh coconut juice,

    Phu Quoc Starfish beach: Rich population of red starfish found bathing in the sun just a few feet from the water’s edge.

    Starfish beach, Phu Quoc. Photo Credit: Daily Travel Pill


    Spot unique marine life:  Spot unique species like dugong, the hawksbill turtle and green turtle. This is a perfect place for diving enthusiast too!

    Dugong in Phu Quoc island. Photo Credit: Thienn Henn


    Travel Place #5: Chill and relax at quirky bars and restaurants at Phu Quoc with a view

    Crab House:  For hipsters who need their sea-food fix - this is a  sports-themed seafood shack run by a Vietnamese American.

    Crab house. Photo Credits: @aanh.ng and @ganihinadaria

    Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar: Dine in with best aerial views over the town and the island

    Chuon Chuon. Photo Credits: @ChuonChuon_PhuQuoc

    Rory’s Beach Bar: Decked out in surfboards and lanterns,offers a no-frills barefoot beachfront location for a relaxed sunset drink, with chairs and tables placed right on the soft sands of the water's edge.

    Rory's Beach. Photo Credits: @__zzuya__  and @minha8687

    Travel Place #6: Go on a fairy waterfall Crossing And Trekking at Nha Trang

    Nha Trang waterfall. Photo Credit: Pinterest


    Nha Trang has some beautiful waterfalls and the most well-known among them are Ba Ho (Ba Hồ) and Fairy Spring Waterfalls. So, one of the most interesting and also challenging things to do in Nha Trang is waterfall crossing and trekking.



    Photo Credits: @yukikotan in Pink N' Proper's Delevingne in Burgundy

    Travel Place #7: Go on island hopping at Nha Trang’s famous beach & island

    There are 19 tropical islands sit just off of Nha Trang’s coast: Snorkel over unique coral reef in crystal clear seas, and accept cocktails from the floating bar. Charming beauty of Nha Trang’s must visit beach & Island:

    Jungle Beach

    Jungle Beach Resort. Photo Credits: Travel VZN

    A strip of beach owned by Jungle Beach Resort, this is one of the most secluded and pristine beaches in Nha Trang and is worth the two hour drive up coast. it would be nice if you could order a drink or a meal before you plop yourself on a hammock and swing the evening away.

    Yen Island

    Yen Island. Photo Credits: Vietnam Tourism Org

    Unique part of this island is that one side of the beach is hot water and on the other is cold as this is due to the ocean current. This unique experience madeit unforgettable for every tourist. Entering Yen Island needs a certain entry fee to this beautiful island as this island belongs to Khanh Hoa Salanganes Nest Company. Tickets are available to purchase at Cau Da Port in Nha Trang.

    See where did our customers and influencers head to in beautiful Nha Trang!

    Photo Credits from top to bottom:

    @futuremann in Pink N' Proper's Calaeno in Blue

    @flying.in.dance in Pink N' Proper's Calaeno in Blue

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    Travel Place #8 - Visit Forbes listed beach: My Khe Beach, Da Nang

    My Khe Beach. Photo Credits: Indochina Heritage and Living Nomads
    Listed in Forbes Magazine as one of the most ideal beaches in Da Nang City. The beach has coral, abundant plants and creatures along the banks and under the sea. My Khe beach has hotels, and various abundant services, creating favorable conditions for tourists to relax on the seashores!
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