DIY: Face Mask & Crop Top

DIY: Face Mask & Crop Top - Pink N' Proper



Got an old Pink N' Proper swimsuit lying around the back of your closet, and looking for something creative to do? Why not up-cycle your old swimwear and convert it into a crop top (your new comfy lounge wear) and a unique face mask? Out with the old, in with the new vacay tings to look forward to after the pandemic is over! 

Click the Youtube video link above for the step-by-step visual guide! So let's get started shall we?

Step 1
Cut your Pink N' Proper swimwear into 2 parts which is 1 part for the crop top & another part for the face mask. Also, for this tutorial, we will be using our very own Gabanna Zip Monokini from Pink N' Proper!



Step 2


Print the template in A4 size and make sure to print it according to size (double check it with a ruler!). You should cut 2 sets of the template; one is for the left side and the other template is for the right side of your face (Tip: You can use a ruler to make sure the size is true)


Step 3
Using the cut template, cut 2 fabrics for the right side of your face while cut another 2 fabrics for the left side of your face (Note: If you are using 2 different printed fabrics, make sure to cut 1 left & 1 right side of the fabric respectively)

Step 4
Take the left side and the right side of the same fabric and sew the 2 layers together & repeat the same process for the other set of fabrics and make sure sew the nose bridge area only (Note: If you are using printed fabric, make sure that the printed area is faced inwards when sewing)

Step 5
Before combining the fabric together, take both sets and place it on top of each other & simultaneously open both ends of the fabric so that it would align to each other. Next, make sure to sew the horizontal edges only, do not sew the vertical edges/earlobes area (Note: if you are using 2 different printed fabrics from which, one of it is patterned and the other set is not, make sure to place the printed fabric inward when sewing onto the other fabric)

Step 6
Now unfold/reverse the mask via the vertical edges/earlobes area and a face mask should appear!

Step 7
Next, to ensure the mask stays in shape, iron the sides of the face mask until both layers, the front part and the back part are aligned to each other

Step 8
Cut 2 sets of the rubber strings into 18 cm each

Step 9
Sew the rubber strings at both ends of the face mask & make sure to sew the vertical edges as well which are the earlobes area.

Step 10
Your face mask is complete! Next step is to take the upper part of the swimwear and turning that into a crop top.

Step 11
Sew back the extra fabrics that is hanging around the edges of the top

Step 12
Make sure to iron the edges to ensure it stays in shape

...and that's it! Fancy yourself a new beach top and a face mask using Pink N' Proper swimwear fabrics!

Credits to @nrfz_prelovedcollection (Instagram)



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