#PNPTAKESYOUTO: The Top 8 Reasons To Travel To Phú Quốc

#PNPTAKESYOUTO: The Top 8 Reasons To Travel To Phú Quốc - Pink N' Proper
Phú Quốc is the largest Vietnamese island, located 15km from the south coast of Cambodia and 45km from the Gulf of Thailand. The Phú Quốc district is made up of 28 islands, with more than half of islands are part of the Phú Quốc National Park, comprises of dense tropical jungle, hiking trails and wildlife. If you’re looking to escape from the hectic city life, Phú Quốc will definitely be a great destination for your next trip!
Reason #1: Sunset Sanato Beach Club
Sculpture in the sea . Credits: @Sunset Sanato Beach Club

Soak up in the sun, relax in the hammock and watch the world go by. Sunset Sanato Beach Club is one of the most instagrammable spots in Phú Quốc. Enjoy the unique sculptures in the sea and red-cloudless sunset.



Reason #2: Island HoppingAn Thoi island. Credits: Pinterest

An Thoi island is blessed with several beautiful beaches and luxury beach resorts. Experience the incredible snorkelling and rocky cliffs.

Fingernails Island. Credits:@homeiswhereisyourbagis

Fingernails island is a small island with magnificent white sand and calm crystal clear water. 45 minutes away from An Thoi harbour by speed boat. Enjoy your afternoon by relaxing on the shores of this tranquil island. You will be totally impressed with the amazing view and the peaceful atmosphere that comes with it!

    Hon Gam Ghi. Credits:@travellandleisureasia
Jump into this picturesque and  indescribable azure island. Enjoy in awe the beauty of Hon Gam Ghi island’s natural coral reefs and catch the sight of fish swimming along the reefs.  Explore this Idyllic paradise when you make a visit Phú Quốc.
       May Rut island. Credits: Pinterest
The island is privately owned by  a family who have been living there for many years. The waters of the island is shallow, making it an incredible diving spot. Being one of the must-visit for every tourist, make sure you include this paradise in your Phú Quốc adventure list!
Reason #3: Long Beach

Long Beach. Credits: Pinterest
The distance of long beach is approximately 20km. The ocean is crystal clear and suitable for sunbathing and it is an ideal place to watch spectacular sunsets! Ig you’re looking for beach activities to do, Long beach is ideal to swim, snorkel, jet ski and even kayak!


Reason #4: Go on a cable car ride 

Phú Quốc Cable Car. Photo credits: @TemplesandTreehouses & @phuquorislandguide
The cable car is connected from Vietnam Phú Quốc island to Hon Thom, also known as Pineapple Island. Enjoy your ride with an amazing bird’s-eye view. The turquoise crystal clear sea and yellowish fine sand will make your trip all so worth it! According to Guinness Book of World Records, Phú Quốc’s cable car is the longest non-stop three-way cable car in the world!
Reason #5 Duong Dong Night Market

Duong Dong Night Market. Credits: Pinterest
Serve yourselves some fresh seafood straight out from sea from the restaurants and stalls along the streets. We recommend you to travel with your bestie so you can try more local foods! Be sure to catch the Duong Dong Night Market and experience the local lifestyle.



Reason #6: Relax at the beach bar

Rory’s Beach Bar. credits: Pinterest

Salty air, warm sunshine and cocktail, what a perfect match for your trip. Enjoy the sunset and unwind at this perfect bar.




Chuon Chuon Bistro and sky bar. Credits: chuochuon_phuquoc.

Chuon chuon bistro and sky bar is located up on the hill in the island. End your amazing day by having dinner in the middle of sky. Enjoy the sunset and the view of the ocean.



Reason #7: Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh floating restaurant. Credits: Pinterest

Experience the tasty authentic Vietnamese seafood and floating restaurant when you’re in Phú Quốc. Ham Ninh Fishing village is located 40km from the main town of Duong Dong. Add this floating restaurant  in to your “ MUST VISIT” itinerary and enjoy this local leisurely lifestyle.

Reason #8: Luxurious Resorts
JW Marriott Shell Pool. Photo credits: @chompoof


Pamper yourself to a luxurious stay at 5 stars international resort such as JW Marriott. Designed by architect Bill Bensley and the Sun Group Corporation, be surprised by the unique design of each part of the building that will leave you in awe. The most insta worthy spot in the resort is the shell pool and it’s child friendly! Now, can you imagine floating around in your unicorn float with your little ones in this majestic pool?



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