#PNPTAKESYOUTO:8 Things To do in Honolulu, Hawaii

#PNPTAKESYOUTO:8 Things To do in Honolulu, Hawaii - Pink N' Proper
“Aloha oe, aloha oe
E ke onaona noho i ka lipo
One fond embrace, ahoi ae au
Until we meet again”
Familiar with the lyrics? One of the most iconic songs based in Hawaii has made our generation peak into this beautiful island. Hawaii is iconic for its beautiful scenery with romantic moments you can enjoy as a vacation! Let us show you what you can do for your trip to Hawaii~
Hawaii. Credits: Favim
Whale watching
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‘Kohola’ also known as humpback whales are one of the best sight-seeing moments many have spoken. Just make sure you’re there when it’s the season (December to May) for them to strut themselves for your viewing pleasure!
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‘Hee Nalu’ in Hawaiian, surfing is definitely the most iconic sports you can think of when it comes to this beautiful island. Waves crashing, wind blowing...how can you not try it out? Of course, you can ask for instructors if you have never tried before, because this should be in your to-do list!
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Hawaii is most well-known for its clean ocean and beautiful underwater creatures. The locals have been consistent on keeping their ecosystem well maintained and we will definitely learn why we need to play our parts to keep the ocean crystal clear!
Helicopter Tours
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If you’re into boujee moments and not acrophobic, helicopter tours will be one of the best moments you’ll have throughout your Hawaiian trip! The view from above is beyond beautiful, so if you’re planning for a romantic trip with your partner, you know what to do!
Spa Packages
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Therapies are the way to go for destressing moments, and Hawaii is definitely a place to do so. Soaking yourself in nature never felt better! Whether you booked in your own resort’s spa or outside specialised areas, you’ll definitely want more.
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Outgoing and adventurous? Hawaii is obviously the ultimate choice for you! Windsurfing is not for the one who likes to relax. You’ll definitely challenge your own stability and strength, but fret not as you can have professionals guiding you on your way.
Sun Rise/Set Viewing
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Being in Hawaii will never be complete if you did not stand a chance to enjoy the sun rising. But if you’re not an early morning person, sun setting moments will be just as perfect for you! Just make sure you make yourself cozy with a blanket as you wouldn’t know how windy it will be.
Cultural Attractions
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Hawaii is known for its historical past, ups and downs, they own and show it proudly to us all. Visit a local suburb and befriends with them, go to the Bishop Museum to understand their history or even get a one-day trip for everything in one package!
Get some inspiration for photos by our PNP Girls in Hawaii!
Beautiful @aliciatal in our Esmerelda Monokini
Beach goddess @hannahonline in
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